4 5 The creative process is almost unpredictable, and the mind has to stay free to experiment and suddenly change direction without prejudice. Claudio Bellini Claudio Bellini and his visions of space. D E S I G N I N S I G H T N º 1 M I L A N / I TA LY D E S I G N E R O F Debut Claudio Bellini Design+Design Designer Claudio Bellini first became inspired to create when he was just a kid spending time in his father’s design studio. “I was so fascinated to see how ideas and visions become reality through a magic interaction between manual work and mind investigation—the creative process. It was at that time I began to dream of a future that would involve playing with materials to create,” Bellini stated. Materiality is the basic ingredient a designer is fortunate enough to work with when creating. In his experience, Bellini has never been able to define a straight design process with a clear sequence among design vision, materials, function, and aesthetics. To him, the creative process is almost unpredictable, and the mind has to stay free to experiment and suddenly change direction without prejudice. A fascinating material could drive your design vision because of appearance or mechanical characteristics and unique production technology. On the other hand, a peculiar aspect could be a key factor. At the end of this intricate process, what brings a creation to fruition is our sensibility to balance all those aspects in a proper and coherent way with respect to the original intention versus human expectations. Based on that, the quality of a space depends on the capability to In 1996, Claudio Bellini established CLAUDIO BELLINI; a Milan-based, multidisciplinary design studio shaped by a deep understanding of design process. The core of his design approach, considering the demands of growing global markets, is based on the harmony of beauty and efficiency. His innovative approach contributes to original and significant projects with leading worldwide companies. As a trendsetter within several fields of design over the last two decades, he has been honored with many international design awards including Red Dot, IF, and Good Design. create a welcoming atmosphere through appropriate product, materials, and color combination. New lifestyle trends are driving us to pay more attention to the presence of natural materiality emphasized by soft color tone combinations. Consequently, to answer the growing demand for wellbeing spaces, both when working or at home, Bellini’s work is focused on designing products with a wide degree of personalization to match different environments. “My attitude is very open, and I love to work with different materials. In this perspective I am also very excited to research new technologies and materials to use, when possible, for challenging and innovative products. Generally speaking, my personal vision when designing a space is to consider a certain degree of contamination among different design languages and moods, as a valuable approach to recreate a general welcoming atmosphere closer to intimate human nature,” Bellini noted. The complexity and differentiation of single parts and details are the secret to moving beyond an “ordinary product” toward a true design piece that will contribute to improving our quality and well-being. Materials, Moods and The Mind’s Investigation.