Need replacement keys or lock cores for discontinued Kimball Office furniture? With the help of, you can order the keys and cores you need anytime and receive them as quickly as 10 a.m. tomorrow!

Cost saving benefits of
  • Reduced labor costs associated with order processing, invoicing, customer service, on-site client visits, locksmith visits, inventory management, and key duplication
  • Reduced fuel and vehicle costs associated with on-site client visits and locksmith visits
  • Reduced supply and material costs associated with in-house key duplication
  • Reduced overhead costs associated with square footage dedicated for key duplication and in-stock inventory rooms
  • Same business day shipping of keys and lock cores to anywhere in the USA for orders placed by 1PM EST
  • Electronic invoicing from one supplier for all your key and lock core needs
  • Discounts are offered depending on the frequency or size of the orders. Please call Courtney Price toll-free at 877.839.5390 to discuss discounting options
Just find the number stamped on the face of the lock, and order the corresponding key! Check out

The Discontinued Lock Core and Key Reference Guide shows the discontinued Kimball Office model numbers as well as the visuals of the lock cores/keys and the stamps for easy use!