Kimball is pleased to offer both educational materials and specific training/classes to help expand your knowledge of factors influencing office furniture and the way people work. Our goal is to assist you with personal and professional development in these areas:
  • Workplace knowledge
  • Sustainable practices
  • Industry topics and trends
White Papers
Read from industry experts about upcoming trends, new research, and recent offerings that impact the office furniture industry and the way we work.

Reimagine the Workday Interactive Document
Benefits Based Design
Benching-An Important Piece of Today's Workplace
Classroom of the Future
Designing for Well-Being and Harmony
How A Place Makes Us Feel
Learning Is A Dynamic Process
Renewing, Repurposing, Optimizing Space
The Connection Between Well-Being and Creativity
Workplace Change Management: An Overview
Workplace Strategy


At Kimball, we like to create environments where people can grow and learn and ultimately do things smarter and better every day. For a design professional, we have a variety of industry topics that are designed to increase your knowledge. All courses are IDCEC-approved and IIDA-accredited for professional Continuing Education Units (CEU) and delivered by Kimball experts. Check out the information at the link below to take advantage of one of these learning opportunities.

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