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“Swimming in Sprinkles” - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode four of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “Swimming in Sprinkles,” this episode dives into experiential design and how this immersion can create memorable experiences in workplace, retail, and education environments.
We take a look at how multisensory engagement can engage the physical senses to create a deeper, emotional connection to the built environment. We chat with Lane Rick and Katie Stranix from the Office of Things, Arik Lubkin from the Museum of Ice Cream, and Adelia Schleusz from HKS on how to incorporate experiential design strategies into our spaces to shed light on the intersection of technology and architecture.
The Alternative Design Podcast focuses on empowering creatives to improve the human experience through the spaces they design. Follow @alternativedesignpodcast on Instagram and Facebook for more insight into each episode and previews for what’s coming next.
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