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“Pop-Ups to Breakdown Stigmas”- Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode seven of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “Pop-Ups to Breakdown Stigmas,” this episode challenges us to prioritize the fitness of our minds and our emotions. By investigating alternative solutions that rethink what short-term and long-term treatment could look like and breaking down stigmas traditionally associated with this type of care, our experts offer design options that can help those struggling with mental health.
In this episode we chat with University of Toronto students Bronte Morris-Poolman and Damian Kercz about how their Senior thesis project Art x Pop-Up could be the exact solution we need. Their idea is to design "crisis stabilization units" that are strategically placed in communities to provide critical mental health services. We also speak to Stacey Root and Stephanie Vito from Cannon Design on how to design for mental health spaces, the history of mental health stigma, and the future of "Wellness Campuses" that combine care and amenities for a more equitable experience for all.
The Alternative Design Podcast focuses on empowering creatives to improve the human experience through the spaces they design. Follow @alternativedesignpodcast on Instagram and Facebook for more insight into each episode and previews for what’s coming next.

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