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“People Are Not Cars” – Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode three of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “People Are Not Cars”, this episode takes listeners back to the days you could be “Dancing in the Streets” before you had to “Stop in the Name of Love”. It’s no secret that Motown had repeatable success in creating some of America’s top hits.
Revealing key learnings from the hit making factory and comparing their creative songwriting process to our industry’s building design process, guests share insights that challenge traditional ideas about how design can truly impact a space. Guests include Allen Rawls, Board of Trustees member of Motown Museum and the legendary Motown Funk Brother, Dennis Coffey.
The Alternative Design Podcast focuses on empowering creatives to improve the human experience through the spaces they design. Follow @alternativedesignpodcast on Instagram and Facebook for more insight into each episode and previews for what’s coming next.
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