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Kimball Office Announces IU Student Design Competition Winners

As a proud supporter of Indiana University, Kimball Office implemented a Student Design Competition/Awards Scholarship for the School of Arts and Sciences. This partnership is a strong component of Kimball Office’s commitment to the student design community. Working closely with a professor at Indiana University’s School of Architecture + Design, we maximized this scholarship to create impactful learning experience for all participating students. Over the 8 week course of the competition, students were asked to research and design a co-working space based on a certain geographical region that was assigned to them and compile a story behind their design. They were also asked to create personas based on the types of people that would utilize the space. Additional requirements that were considered included lighting, flooring, technology, Kimball Office furniture, graphics and sustainability choices.  
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate 4 talented design students who will each receive a $500 scholarship for their winning project:
1st Place – Impromptu: Charlotte Jolly and Brittany Porter
From start to finish, the spontaneous interaction concept was beautifully executed. The research on demographics, personas and spatial planning resulted in a tight presentation that was top notch.
2nd Place – Tallinn, Estonia: Ye Wang
The design development process from spatial planning to form evolution to renderings was very well thought out. We appreciated the amount of time spent on the 3D images that visually told your story.
3rd Place – Assemblage: Morgan Heald
The research on Rio de Janeiro was well done. The personas created to further the cause for Fight for Peace showed good overlapping within the Assemblage concept. There was also good use of materials for the Rio de Janeiro landscape. 
Kimball Office also provided a financial contribution that helped to fund travel for design students to Chicago to visit the Kimball Office showroom in addition to gaining insight on design trends in the furniture market.
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