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Kimball International Provides Critically Needed Products for Healthcare Partners

At Kimball International, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate. As we face this time of uncertainty around COVID-19, we are committed to playing a productive role in supporting the healthcare community through this crisis. We are humbled that our team members at Kimball International are caring for their community in meaningful ways during this time.
Kimball has created a new Quickship for Crisis Program that provides a quick turn-around of acute care and flexible triage products that include patient seating, overbed tables, exam stools, storage carts and privacy screens. Innovation is sometimes born during challenging times and we are humbled that our team members at Kimball are proving this to be true.  Within one week, the Kimball engineering, manufacturing and design teams came together to create two new solutions through rapid prototyping and testing to help support Quick Triage Care in healthcare environments being set up at a moment’s notice. Learn more: Quickship for Crisis
In addition to our healthcare-focused product offering, the Kimball International team has also found new ways to service the immediate need for personal protective equipment by manufacturing medical masks and shields for local health centers. The Research and Design teams have utilized 3D printer capabilities to produce protective plastic shields for medical staff at local hospitals.
We’re grateful to support the true heroes of this crisis, the healthcare workers on the frontlines.
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