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Kimball International Achieves the WELL Health-Safety Rating for our Corporate Headquarters

Kimball International announced today it has earned the WELL Health-Safety Rating for its recently renovated Headquarters Campus in Jasper, Indiana, through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI™). The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party-verified rating for all new and existing building and space types. The rating takes into account operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement and emergency plans to address a post-COVID-19 environment now and into the future.

Designed to empower owners and operators across large and small businesses alike to take the necessary steps to prioritize the health and safety of their employees, visitors and customers, the WELL Health-Safety Rating can help guide organizations in preparing their spaces for re-entry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, instilling confidence in those who use these spaces for work, learning, healing and relaxation.

“As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders across the globe are redefining the workplace for a new era,” said Kristie Juster, Kimball International CEO. “At Kimball International, we are committed to leading that conversation, both through key product offerings that prepare our customers to be flexible and responsive in changing circumstances, and by example, as we dedicate ourselves to the processes and programs that have kept our workplace safe and enhanced the well-being of our employees.” 

“This accomplishment is a direct result of the tireless efforts our team at Kimball International has put forth to keep the well-being of our employees as a top priority. Earning the WELL Health-Safety Rating at our headquarters reinforces the caring culture our company continues to embody,” stated Wendy Murray, Vice-President of Brand Marketing at Kimball International. “By designing a workplace that is focused on employees, we further demonstrate our commitment to providing healthy and safe spaces that spark peace of mind and drive engagement,” concluded Murray.

Kimball International earned the WELL Health-Safety Rating by implementing processes and procedures such as cleaning and sanitization procedures, emergency preparedness programs, health and wellness programs and resources  , air and water quality management, and education.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating provides a centralized source and governing body to validate efforts made by owners and operators. It leverages insights drawn from the IWBI Task Force on COVID-19, in addition to guidance on the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), global disease control and prevention centers and emergency management agencies. It also references recognized standard-making associations such as ASTM International and ASHRAE, and leading academic and research institutions, as well as core principles already established by IWBI’s WELL Building Standard, the premier framework for advancing health in buildings and spaces of all kinds.
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