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Kimball Expands Xsede Height Adjust and Power Beams

Kimball announces the newest expansion to their diverse Xsede Height Adjust and Power Beam product offering.
Enhanced for greater flexibility with enriched options, Xsede Height Adjust, along with new offerings in the Power Beam and Panels enable complete connection while providing acoustic separation and privacy to support different work styles. With the touch of a button, Height-Adjustable Benches and Tables allow users to raise or lower their worksurface and excels anywhere from the Open Plan to Private Office, supporting people no matter their personal preferences or style of work. The Power Beam delivers power, data and voice while creating integrated worksurfaces and storage support. Xsede Height Adjust and Power Beams not only support fluid, natural movement throughout the day, but provides a welcome aesthetic and functionality that fosters creativity, happiness and engagement.
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