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Kimball Creates the Unexpected with Whittaker and Whittaker Health Modular Seating Collection

Kimball announces the launch of Whittaker and Whittaker Health; a modular lounge collection that combines flexibility, simplicity and durability for work and health environments. Designed by Pam Light and John Duffy of pL-D, the Whittaker and Whittaker Health collection was born by focusing on the designer, allowing them to have an offering that they can make align to the needs of their clients.
Whittaker’s graceful silhouette is reflected in the very lean long lines of this meticulously tailored family of lounge chairs and sofas. A modular lounge collection that combines elegance with comfort, Whittaker’s vast offering of sofa and bench components come together to form a variety of configurations. A choice of different cushion types, materials and finishes augment the adaptability – giving Whittaker a chameleon ability to move from one type of space to a totally different type of space.
A modular line collection, Whittaker Health combines light and slender volumes with a sophisticated industrial aesthetic. The family’s individual components can be used as independent elements or freely combined to adapt to healthcare interior environments. The upholstered body and cushions feature clean-out as standard for ease of cleanability, a requirement in health applications today.
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