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San Francisco, CA. Fast Company Magazine has named Studio O+A to its 2019 list of Most Innovative Companies. Recognizing the groundbreaking versatility of Studio O+A cofounder Primo Orpilla’s radical workstation Canopy, manufactured and distributed by Kimball, Fast Company ranked O+A number 4 in the top 10 of its Design category.
Canopy is Orpilla’s effort to make every workstation a microcosm of the office with adjustable elements that can be configured for varying degrees of privacy and collaboration and a full range of work postures. Orpilla’s experience in workplace design for major corporate clients led him to the realization that multipurpose environments are best for multitasking employees—and that that principle can be applied to the classic work desk.
“I wanted to combine all the things you would need in an office in one workplace system,” Orpilla said. “The question was how to provide on-the-fly, at-the-workstation flexibility without creating cubes around everybody?” The answer was the structurally versatile, visually expansive Canopy.
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