64 INLINE FABRICS - UPHOLSTERY MINGLE 11011 Seagull SPECTRUM 20062 Grey TWILIGHT 23116 Cinder SPECTRUM 20081 Charcoal MINGLE 11005 Ink SPECTRUM 20020 Black DOLCE 11900 Black TWILIGHT 23117 Vapor GRAPH 35014 Chalice SLICE 45041 Charcoal SPECTRUM 20039 Cornflower DOLCE 11904 Indigo PARENTHESIS 25635 Ink MINGLE 11003 Cobalt TWILIGHT 23103 Nightshadow SLICE 45046 Slate BOBBY 33005 Iris DISPERSE 11757 Midnight Blue SPECTRUM 20067 Navy GRAPH 35012 Anchor SPECTRUM 20072 Breeze MINGLE 11006 Laguna PARENTHESIS 25630 Capri DOLCE 11927 Jet TWILIGHT 23104 Gaze BOBBY 33002 Aqua MINGLE 11001 Capri DISPERSE 11753 Aquamarine GRAPH 35021 Tidal TWILIGHT 23101 Ocean Our textile offering spans a wide range of programs that provide the flexibility you need to bring your project to life. From the Kimball Inline program to our Alliance partnerships with top manufacturers, we offer an array of materials that support the requirements of any space. KIMBALL TEXTILES Reference kimball.com for the complete offering of materials and to order samples. For color reference only.