60 Today, technology is intimately connected with our life, work, and communication—the reason we’re making it a more seamless experience. Whether it’s for an individual working at a desk or a group brainstorming new ideas, technology is vital to connection, collaboration, and productivity. From chairs and tables to entire office systems, we’re always focusing on how we can integrate technology in innovative and intuitive ways. By learning how people interact with technology and how a space can best support those activities, we’re helping companies create more intelligent and connected environments. Below are just a few of the options that we provide. Our complete offering of technology tools and accessories can be found on our website. ACCESSORIES & TECHNOLOGY Perks® Metal Work Tools Perks® Desk Lighting wePresent® -WiPG-2000 Perks® Name Holder Perks® Monitor Arm Powered Tech Tray with Wire Gap Worksurface Perks® Accessory Shelf Cable Carrier Jolt™ USB Charger