41 Work your way. SIDE SEATING Event™ Event’s soft seat and back make it a comfortable, versatile option for office side seating. Available with casters for mobility. Poly™ Poly mesh brings mobility and lightness to a variety of spaces. Bingo® Bingo’s side chairs offer versatile choices for guest seating and community spaces. Pep™ A flare all to its own, Pep includes a poly shell in multple colors. Design elements make this chair stand out in any space. Splendor® It’s chic frame design provides a contoured platform that supports sophistication. Poly™ Poly plastic is an eye-catching chair that is affordable, versatile, and comfortable. Flip® Flip’s thin features and slim profile create an airy look and take up minimal space when nested and stored. Lusso™ Bringing design and style, Lusso's curved silhouette is visually interesting and elegant. Joya™ A simple side chair with the comfort of home that is a welcome place for guests.