b'The Power of PlacePUBLIC CLINICAL ADMINISTRATIVEEmpowering Spaces For HealingOur Elevate SMdesign process and holistic product offering work together to improve efficiencies, streamline purchasing, and reduce time to marketso you can serve patients sooner and deliver a higher quality of care.Maximize Your InvestmentStreamline a fragmented, complex purchasing process with a truesingle-source partner whose holistic offering includes custom capabilitiesthat allow you to realize your brandvision and address more specific needs. Enhance Every ExperienceUsing evidence-based research,we design for process efficiencyand incorporate amenities toimprove overall conditions for staff.Our comprehensive approachFast Track Resultsemphasizes engaging, comfortable,and purposeful settings that support Our highly-efficient interactive designpatients at every stage in their journey.charrette allows all stakeholders to explore new ideas while makingwell-informed decisions based on schedule and budget realities to getyour facility up and running faster and start generating revenue sooner. 4 5'