b'Workplace EnvironmentsCollaborationBy leveraging technology to engage patients and place them at the center of their care, health providers are earning loyalty and increasing their level of care. Products shown Flip, TeemTrainingAs healthcare provider shortages loom, training and development programs become increasingly important. Such programs can help retain current employees, improve their skills and positively impact the overall quality of a health system.Products shown Dock, PolyOpen OfficeThe people who lead and manage the day-to-day business of your healthcare organization needwork settings that give them the tools to increasetheir comfort and productivity. Workstations that support visualand acoustic privacy help minimize distractions, improve performance, and reduce errors.Products shown Canopy, Joelle, Joya, FlipPrivate OfficeWith the movement toward better space utilization, the traditional physicians office has evolved from a private closed-door space to a more open and flexible spacethat focuses on patient consultation.Products shown Stow, Nash, Helio, Xsede36 37'