26 27 An Infusion of Comfort F O C U S O N H E A LT H C A R E N º 2 S H O W N Infusion therapy is a common treatment today, with varying needs for each individual. A well-designed facility can significantly impact the quality of care and the experience for everyone involved. For caregivers, the space needs to be efficient, accessible, and safe. For patients, it is important to be comfortable, have privacy, and be close to loved ones. Create a space that works using Alterna modular caseworks to provide personal storage for patients and organized, easily-accessible space for caregivers. The Greer patient recliner offers comfort for patients during treatments, while Pairings Nook gives a comfortable respite for family members, keeping them close during treatment. LOUNGE SEATING: Pairings Nook / RECLINER: Greer CASEGOOD: Alterna / OTTOMAN: Joelle / TABLE: Aidin