22 23 Patients are invited guests. The built environment is their host, and it is so important that every aspect of the experience is better than their expectations. Shifting the mindset to designing for a personalized level of care. In the wake of accelerated changes impacting healthcare, the role of space has never been as pivotal as it is today. Kimball has a holistic portfolio of products that span the healthcare landscape. We deliver transformational spaces that keep pace with the demands of today, so you can elevate every experience to impact the way healthcare is delivered tomorrow. By looking at things differently and discovering what brings out people’s best, we’re redefining healthcare spaces that challenge the familiar to create a more personalized level of care. Healthcare is no longer defined by one age group or style of person, but embraces everyone during any stage of care. Patients want less intimidating visits and more informal interactions with their clinicians. We’re meeting this need by creating environments that are efficient for clinicians, yet meaningful for patients. Starting with the places where people wait and transition, community spaces need to be designed around human needs, helping to create a better experience by fostering more meaningful uses of time and increasing the patient’s confidence that they are receiving the best care throughout every step of their journey. We are also changing the patient experience in the exam room. By focusing on care for true well- being, using integrated technology to support physician/patient interactions, and thinking about the floorplan in new ways, the entire experience can become more pleasant and effective. Another area coming into the spotlight is behavioral wellness. As awareness surrounding depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders increase, so does the need for access to care. Solution-based ideas and thoughtfully-designed products are needed to help lower anxiety, create a holistic experience, and reduce symptoms to promote long-term recovery. “Healthcare is undergoing the most extreme transformational shift in a century,” said Aneetha McLellan, Director of Kimball Health Sales, Innovation and Design. “We are meeting this shift by pushing the boundaries and embedding principles of adaptability, flexibility, and mobility in our products.” Whether you’re specifying a healthcare facility today, or planning for tomorrow, focusing on a personalized level of care is the first step to shifting the paradigm of healthcare. With a committed focus on delivering better environments for true well-being, the future of healthcare looks bright. Healthcare Redefined Sophisticozy for Healthcare F O C U S O N H E A LT H C A R E O M A H A / N E B R A S K A K I M B A L L H E A LT H D I R E C T O R Sales, Design & Innovation byAneetha McLellan Being sophisticozy in healthcare is about creating environments that are sophisticated, warm, inviting, and most of all, accommodating to patients, families, and the caregivers they interact with. Patient-centricity is about the ultimate path to healing and wellness, and a better experience in these difficult environments. It provides interior environments that can embrace you, welcome you, and embody wellness through simplicity to support the clinical journey. Patients are invited guests. The built environment is their host and it is so important that every aspect of the experience is better than their expectations.