12 13 This trust makes it easier to push the envelope and know that your partner will go there with you—“just to see” if the direction has merit. Pam Light and John Duffy on working with someone you trust. When asked about the benefits of partnering with someone you trust to bring furniture designs to concept, Pam Light and John Duffy’s answer was simple; mutual respect for one another’s individual ideas and talents. When collaborating so closely on each new concept, it’s obvious that they will not always agree, but the most amazing part of their partnership is how well their talents complement one another. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they don’t sometimes have strong opinions on what course the design should take next, but having worked together over 20 years, Pam and John have learned how to agree and disagree constructively. They trust that the other person respects their talent and design thinking. This trust makes it easier to push the envelope and know that your partner will go there with you— “just to see” if the direction has merit. When asked what inspires them, they respond, “trying to have an inquisitive mind, traveling, reading, and experiencing different people and places.” But often, it’s a client request that inspires the thought process, a new material usage, or simply changes in taste and the way a different generation wants to work that gives direction toward the design solution they discover. As they work together through the process, it’s rare they reach a point that is an outright disagreement. If they do, it’s usually over the difference between John saying something will be a cost savings, and Pam saying, “but my clients want that!” Together, they then look at what makes the most sense. Is it something the client really wants, but can’t afford? At that point, they may seek advice from their manufacturer partner to create a more cost effective design, and then compare with the competition. It’s on that basis they finally decide on what would be best for the marketplace. This is not to say they don’t discuss every detail. The informed, divergent thinking they bring to every product is the process they feel brings about the most successful conclusion. No matter how much you like each other or how great of partners you are, there are going to be challenges throughout the process. If they would offer advice on how to handle these challenges, it would be to not be afraid to disagree, embrace each other’s differences, and always give each other space during the design process. When Soul Mates Collaborate Pam Light &John Duffy D E S I G N I N S I G H T N º 3 L O S A N G E L E S / C A L I F O R N I A D E S I G N E R S O F Pairings / Nate & Natty/Whittaker pL-D Pam Light and John Duffy’s distinct combination of abilities are what set pL-D apart. With over 35 years of experience as an interior designer, Pam’s hands-on involvement at a major architectural interiors firm keeps their products pertinent to the needs of the ever-evolving workplace. A degreed designer from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, John has over 35 years of experience in product design and development, as well as commercial interiors, creative, and intelligent design.