Contract Name
GSA Federal Supply Schedule MAS
Contract Number
Awarded By
General Services Administration
Effective Date
GS-03F-059DA: 02/12/16 - 02/11/2026
Effective Price List
8/8/2022 (Based on 3/1/22 commercial pricing)
Awarded To
Kimball International, Inc. DBA Kimball International Brands, Inc.
Kimball International, Inc. DBA Kimball International Brands, Inc. holds a contract with General Services Administration Federal Supply Service for the supply of office furniture on its GSA Multiple Award Schedules.

The U.S. Government is a significant purchaser of office furniture for its employees. Like all customers, the Federal Government expects nothing less than commercial-grade quality in the products it buys, accompanied by vendor servicing capability that is responsive and effective.

With few exceptions, virtually all of Kimball's products are covered under GSA Federal Supply Schedule MAS, Contract #GS-03F-059DA.

Specific Special Item Number (SIN) denotation and the corresponding Kimball product series for the GSA contract are listed below:

Systems/Cubicles [SIN 33721]
  • Cetra
  • Xsite
  • Interworks EQ
  • Traxx & Tiles
  • Footprint - Worksurfaces & Support, Mobile & Storage
  • Systems Lighting
  • Xsede
  • Narrate
Desks and Office Tables [SIN 33721]
  • Definition
  • President
  • Priority
  • Senator
  • Transcend
  • Computer Support
  • Bookcases and Visual Boards
  • Lighting
  • Kore
Conference/Training/Teaming Tables [SIN 33721]
  • Tabletops
  • Bases
  • Delano Tables
  • Configuration Tables
  • Dock
  • Scenario
  • fiXt
  • Teem
  • Kore
Metal Filing [SIN 33721]
  • LF Series
  • Fundamental
Seating: Desk/Side/Guest [SIN 33721]
  • Abbott
  • Beo
  • Bingo
  • Collage
  • Event - Non-Stacking
  • Helio
  • Independence - Suffolk
  • Independence - Hillsborough
  • Joya
  • Nash
  • Pep
  • Poly
  • Stature
  • Tucker
  • Wish
Seating: Lounge [SIN 33721]
  • Beo
  • Bloom
  • Boyd
  • Independence - Hillsborough
  • Joelle
  • Pairings
  • Pose
  • Villa
Seating: Stacking [SIN 33721]
  • Bingo
  • Event - Stacking
  • Flip
  • Joya
  • Pep
  • Poly
Office Accessories [SIN 33721]
  • Perks
Locks for Metal Filing [SIN 33721]
  • Locks
Packaged Office [SIN 33721P]

Hospital Patient Room Furniture  [SIN 339113H]

Hospital and Geriatric Chairs [SIN 339113H]

Pricing to Government agencies is at an agreed-upon discount from list prices, thus sparing the agency the task of shopping for best-value pricing. Open Market purchases and questions, GSA discounts, as well as terms and conditions, can be obtained by GSA Servicing Office Furniture Dealers who can assist with the specification, order process and installation services.

Kimball International's Government customer service team at 800.482.1213 is also happy to assist you with questions pertaining to office furniture solutions.