Celebrating small deeds for a better world

At Kimball, we are proud of our environmental stewardship that we have been practicing since the founding of the company and are committed to not only meeting current environmental standards, but also setting new ones. We continue to bring products to market that are not only innovative, but sustainable. It’s part of our heritage to take initiative, reduce waste, conserve energy, commit fully and lead by example. It’s not enough to simply sustain. We strive to enhance our world.

Kimball sees a cleaner world ahead, and we’re taking every measure to ensure that reality. While this goal begins in our own facilities, we know if we can bring you – our employees, customers and communities – together to help us spread our vision, our impact can be exponential. During Earth month, we ask you to join our movement, green for good, and share your green deeds with us. By completing one green deed – big or small – each day, we can create a cleaner planet together, making every day Earth Day.

Kimball’s Planet Saving Performance
  • Over 82% of manufacturing solid waste is diverted from landfills through Kimball’s recycling initiatives.
  • Kimball emits 47% less VOCs today than in 2012, and our emissions remain 63% below the EPA’s annual requirement.
  • By installing water dispensers and requiring employees to bring reusable cups, we eliminate the need for over 20,800 disposable bottles annually.
  • Since 2014, Kimball has reduced water usage by 50%, saving over 15 million gallons of water in just 3 years.
  • 74% of fuel needed to power factory boilers is supplied by recycled sawdust from our own factories.