KORE was designed for working and living—complete with elements for privacy, media integration, and solutions for learning and training. KORE brings balance to the workplace—no matter how workers are situated, eliminating barriers to help people stay better connected to their work and each other. From benching applications to tables, private workspaces to collaborative gathering points, the clean, functional lines and a vast mix of material options of KORE offer all you need to be inspired and productive.
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  • Available in D, Angled D, Square or Round legs with wood or metal options (Round and Square available in metal)
  • Available with Round, Square, Soft Square, Rectangular or Boat-shaped tops
  • Coffee Table, Work Desk, and Mobile Standing-Height Tables available in a multitude of material and paint options
  • Storage options include above-surface, under-surface and full end cabinets
  • Framed Screens and Side-to-Side Surface Dividers provide options for privacy
  • Under-surface Shelves and Power Modules provide a source to plug-in and store technology
  • Mobile Media and Seated Carts, Multi-Purpose Tables and Screens provide elements for privacy and media integration
  • Power and Data options easily incorporate into table tops, including options for wire management
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Design Story

About Daniel Korb

For over 30 years, Daniel Korb’s work has been celebrated for being simple, intuitive, and made for human needs. His methodology and approach traced back to where his career began—as an architect. Since then, Daniel has broadened his width in architecture to include communication and design—disciplines that have shaped and refined his perspective as a whole. In the context of design for interior environments, Daniel focuses on creating the ideal solution for the end user—products that function as beautifully as they look.

Today, Daniel calls Baden, Switzerland, his home and inspiration. It’s also where he works – alongside his wife – at Korb + Korb, a studio they opened in 1989.

It was important to Daniel Korb to look to sources of inspiration that utilized forward thinking. In doing so, he turned to Bauhaus as an inspiration, ultimately translating Bauhaus thinking of timeless classic geometry with a holistic approach into the 21st century environment.

Daniel aimed to discover what is relevant to designers and end-users in today’s environments. The answer was simple. People need flexibility and when you design for human needs, the rest will fall into place. This is how KORE was born. KORE was envisioned as a table for working and living—an approach that ended up as a mere starting point. During the design process, KORE evolved into a much more expansive product offering, complete with elements for privacy, media integration, and solutions for sharing and learning.

In creating KORE, Daniel understood the importance of how people interact and a focus was placed on adaptability to human needs. Utilizing simplicity as a starting point, KORE was built for people, to add value, thus creating relevant environments that help people perform. The design is honest and straightforward; the key element being how KORE integrates into space and is scalable to support emotions and human needs.

Thought Starters

Display Destination

Display Destination

Made for what workers need – a shared space for work and comfortable retreats for moments alone.
Casual Point

Casual Point

A blend of KORE tables, carts and storage unite to create a balanced setting that directly supports human needs.
Conference Camp

Conference Camp

The conference room doesn’t need all the extras. Get the essentials and create relevant environments that help people perform.
Productive Lounge

Productive Lounge

KORE blends well with Bloom chairs for a setting that’s casual, comfortable, and cohesive.
Progress Point

Progress Point

Give teams what they need for a project – a place to come together, work alone, and share progress as they go.
Simple Session

Simple Session

KORE’s clean lines don’t distract, meaning those in the learning setting can focus on the lesson or discussion at hand.