The Alterna Equipment Rail & Mounting Brackets allow accessories to cleanly attach to the wall with minimal mounting points. As needs change, accessories can easily snap on or off of the rail to support patients and caregivers.
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Statement of Line
  • Equipment rail lengths available in 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”
  • Rail - extruded aluminum with silver laminate inlay ​
  • Mounting kits for equipment rail - painted metal 
  • Adjustable sanitizing wipe holder rail mount kit​
  • PPE dispenser rail mount kit​
  • Wide soap/sanitizer dispenser rail mount kit​
  • Narrow soap/sanitizer dispenser rail mount kit​
  • 1/2 size tri-fold paper towel dispenser rail mount kit​
  • Paper towel holder rail mount kit
  • PPE dispensing cabinet, ABS plastic​
  • Glove Boxes - Single, Double, Triple; clear acrylic​
  • Wire U-shaped basket​​​

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