EverySpace offers adaptable architecture that can flex and flow as needs change and work styles evolve. By putting the user at the center of its design, this modular, customizable platform combines personal elements with functional solutions. EverySpace allows for the creation of tailormade workspaces that elegantly support users throughout their day. Its capabilities are only limited by your imagination.
Each component stacked above or below the base is a thoughtful balance of pattern, functionality, and beauty.
During EverySpace’s development and creation, one element became very clear. It naturally applies to any application and any environment.
Shared Workspace
From height-adjustable worksurfaces that quickly and easily accommodate a shift between posture or users to tackable surfaces and a variety of storage options, personalization is a priority.

Download Typical: ES-0003
Private Office
Tailormade spaces make an office feel like an extension of your personality. EverySpace offers a multitude of storage, casework, and desk configurations that put the user at the center of their space.

Download Typical: ES-0014
Open Plan
Scalable in size, EverySpace offers components that can be used to outfit a variety of large open plan spaces. Create a cohesive aesthetic that is flexible and can accommodate any floorplan.

Download Typical: ES-0007
Conference Space
From wall solutions that cleanly accommodate media to storage casework options that creatively display corporate culture, EverySpace composes meeting spaces that thrive.

Download Typical: ES-0008
Training Room
Multi-use spaces are designed to move and shift as needs change. The EverySpace media wall and storage unit creates a highly functional backdrop while its mobile tables allow for flexibility.

Download Typical: ES-0002