The New Behavioral Wellness

Depression affects close to 15 million American’s a year (cited by The American Psychological Association). In addition, mental illness or disorders contribute to nearly $60 million dollars in expenditures, being one of the top conditions in the country. Depression, anxiety, mental disorders and stigmatization are continuing to grow and shed more light on the staggering influx of the need and access for care.

At Kimball Health, we support environments that are holistic, safe, and aesthetically pleasing to create healing environments for all who engage in these spaces. Our belief is that all disorders should be treated with respect, a deep-rooted connection to human-centered ideologies, and embraced with an understanding of empathy through the lens of patients and families, ultimately creating a deinstitutionalized model of care and building environment. Our mission is to continue to push the paradigm of thinking, and shift that thinking through our solution-based ideas and design-fueled product to help bring lower anxiety, a comprehensive experience, and to help reduce symptoms to promote long-term recovery.

Our first step in creating this experience was to design products that provide safety and functionality with a sense of home. Spruce and Joelle offer solutions to meet the unique and critical needs of today’s behavioral wellness facilities, supporting the deinstitutionalized model of care. The single seat lounge in Spruce, paired with multiple sizes of ottomans and tables from Joelle, blend together to create safe environments that are both serene and comfortable, promoting spaces for individuals to heal.