Ambyint has been delivering best-in-class, artificial lift optimization solutions since 2004. The company has offices in Calgary, Houston, and Ann Arbor with solutions deployed to customers across North America and the world. Ambyint brought in Kimball Dealer Partner, WHL Spaces, Houston design firm, Amy Vonderau Interiors, and Kimball to help renovate their U.S. headquarters in Houston so that it would appeal to industry partners, clients and investors, while differentiating them as a fun, innovative organization.

For the expanding, AI-driven Ambyint, AV Interiors designed a workplace with nods to mid-century modern style. The mixture of advancing technology with MCM-inspired furniture from Kimball complimented the building’s historic architectural features. Biophilic design elements were incorporated, as well as Kimball's options for personal space in the open plan to ensure places for colleagues to gather. One prominent feature of this space was the crossover between workstations, common areas, and private offices, making leadership visible and accessible. The collective effort put forth by WHL Spaces, AV Interiors, and Kimball created a space that was beautiful, innovative, and functional.

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