Internship Program

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Internship Program

Kimball International provides a robust internship program by offering college students exposure to our unique corporate culture and commercial office and hospitality furniture market expertise. During their time with us students are given valuable real-world projects to enhance the student's academic, career and personal development goals. Mentorship and engagement with experienced employees in the organization is encouraged and common. Students are also provided with opportunities to network and collaborate with other interns throughout the organization.

Students walk away with project experiences such as website design and development, market research and reporting, product modeling and design, graphic design, IT system analysis, operations management, and accounting.

Quotes from some of our past interns:
“I came in looking for a manufacturing atmosphere with a focus on designing new products and Kimball International did an excellent job of placing me in this internship. The projects I was able to work on and the freedom to complete the projects were a very valuable experience.”

“I liked that I was free to get away from my desk and work in different places. I liked that I was free to socialize sometimes. I liked that the feedback was positive and I never felt criticized when things needed to change.”


It is preferred students are in a Sophomore status or higher while working towards a degree, as graduating Seniors are not eligible for participation in the internship program.


Internships are typically held over a 10+ week period from May through August. Internships over the fall and spring are on a project need basis.

Sourcing Requirements

Interested students should review our career center at to stay informed of current opportunities. When searching for open positions please consider using the "Notify Me" feature on the career site to be automatically notified when opportunities arise. A sourcing requisition called “Internship Job Seekers” is available as well that creates a profile on our career site and the option to upload a resume.

University Partnerships

We are partnered with several universities near our corporate headquarters including Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Evansville, University of Southern Indiana, Indiana State University and Vincennes University.

University Presence

We attend several University career fairs in the fall and spring semesters. We use these fairs to speak with students about their internship and career goals along with our current opportunities. We also participate in several class projects to aid students with real world scenarios to use in their coursework. Classroom presentations and employer forums are also common when available.

Work Based Learning Program

Kimball International offers a program designed for high school students to expose them to professional careers they might want to pursue. Students are provided opportunities to experience day to day activities of professionals in their selected career field, to ask questions pertaining to their chosen career paths and to develop professional relationships that may continue beyond high school. These internships are typically unpaid and part of a high school course. This program can be a productive pipeline to an internship.

Internship Experience Video

The following video includes perspectives from recent interns.

Kimball Employees
Kimball Employees


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